Paying For Home Health Care

Adding Home Health Care To The Budget

If you know your aging loved one needs extra help and it’s time for home health care professionals to take some of the weight off your shoulders, the next question you might be thinking is how are you going to pay for the care they need? There are several ways to go about budgeting for home health care. Here are some possibilities for you to consider.

State And Local Programs

There are some state and local programs that can help low-income seniors with home health care, however, they generally only cover short-term care. If your loved one is coming home from a surgery or illness at the hospital, this type of program can help them recover for the time being and might help cover some of the costs.

Medicare Options

Medicare doesn’t cover non-medical care items unless those services are part of a person’s medical care. The person in question also has to be eligible for Medicare in order to get those benefits.

Long-Term Care Insurance

If your loved one looked ahead and recognized that someday they might need help with home health care, they could have long-term care insurance. In that case, you are able to have a fixed benefit paid out to the company of your choice to cover their care. Many agencies will be able to help you deal with the LTC carrier to get the services you need for the price they are able to pay based on the terms.

Out-Of-Pocket Expenses

Many families are left to pay for home health care out of their own pockets. They can use funding from their loved one for their own care or they can use savings, a monthly budget, or even personal loans. Families can place regular charges on credit cards, but it is only advisable to do that if they can pay those bills off because of the high-interest rates.

Fundraising Or Pooling

Not every family is going to be able to cover the home health care costs, especially if they accumulate over the months. If your loved one needs the care, you might think about hosting a fundraiser in their honor to help with their care. Your local church or community center could help arrange something. You could also approach other family members who love the same person to see if they would be willing and able to cover some of the expenses. Pooling the costs together among many people can help spread the bills out and leave less of a burden on just one person.

Contact Agility Health For Home Health Care Costs

When your loved one needs care, Agility Health is here for you. We do our best to get your aging senior the care they need at a price you can afford. We’ll work with you in finding just the right services to cover all of their needs and we’ll also work with you on payment forms, payment plans, LTC carriers, and other outlets. We’re here to help.