Does Your Loved One Need In-Home Physical Therapy?

Examining In-Home Physical Therapy

There are many causes that can lead to physical therapy being necessary. Does your loved one need someone to come to their home for physical therapy, though? There are many reasons why this can be a good idea. Take advantage of the option if you find that it is the best choice for your loved one. Here are a few reasons why you should consider in-home physical therapy.

Reason 1: Rides Are Nonexistent

It can be hard to find and make time to take an older loved one to and from all of their appointments. Physical therapy, depending on what they need, can be very frequent. Appointments generally last an hour or longer and then they will need a ride back home after their session. Instead of putting your life on hold constantly or trying to organize rides from someone else, having the physical therapy done in their home can be an easy answer. The physical therapist comes to them and there’s no need for them to go anywhere at all.

Reason 2: Home Comforts

Dealing with a lack of mobility or range of motion can be embarrassing for a loved one. They’re comfortable in their home, surrounded by their own things, and it makes them more comfortable to stay in their home. Visiting with doctors can be uncomfortable for them and physical therapy is more frequent than regular doctor’s visits. Having a physical therapist work with them in their own home can make the process more comfortable for them.

Reason 3: Working With Their Everyday Life

The physical therapist will have certain goals for your loved one. Perhaps they need to be able to get in and out of bed. Maybe they want to be able to walk again after a stroke or another injury. It’s beneficial for them to work with the area they use the most. If they want to be able to get in and out of bed, it only makes sense for the physical therapist to work with their actual bed instead of trying to mimic its height and consistency elsewhere. They are able to work with the things that are around them on a regular basis.

Reason 4: Improve Quality Of Life

Physical therapists are there to work with your loved one for a number of reasons. They can help improve balance, coordination, strength, stamina, and many other things. They can also help range of motion and mobility and assist a loved one from being on bed rest after a coma, stroke, or another injury. Overall, they help their patients have a better quality of life and that’s important to you regarding your loved one.

Getting In Home Physical Therapy

If you want to look into physical therapy for your loved one, and you think having it done in the comfort of their home would be a good option, contact Agility Health. You can get not only physical therapy, but also occupational and speech therapy if the needs exist, all in your loved one’s home.