In-Home Duties Registered Nurses Perform

Registered Nurse Or Caregiver?

It’s never easy to see a loved one struggling with everyday care. If that’s what’s going on with your aging senior, it might be time to think about home health care options. You could get a caregiver to cover some needs, but in other instances, a registered nurse is the best option. What can a registered nurse do? Here are a few things you can expect.

Comfort In The Home Related To Medical Health

Caregivers help keep seniors comfortable in a number of ways, but a registered nurse can help in medical ways as well. They work under the supervision of the person’s doctor and coordinate and manage their at-home care. That might mean pain management, prescription overseeing, injections, wound dressings, and many more.

Nurses Visit At Home

If your loved one is in the hospital, you expect the nurse to come around and check their vitals and tend to their medical needs and comforts. If you feel as if your loved one needs that on a regular basis, even when they are at home, registered nurses can cover those needs. A registered nurse who works with in-home care is able to check blood pressure, manage wounds, and do whatever else a nurse would do in the hospital, only in the comfort of your loved one’s home.

Report Coordination With Physicians

The registered nurse that comes to visit your loved one at home doesn’t work alone. They will send reports back to the patient’s doctor so they are on board with every piece of care your loved one receives. The doctor can note certain issues based on those reports and make changes to the care plan. The registered nurse might make recommendations based on what they see and they will also listen to caregivers to see what their concerns are regarding the person’s condition. By working back and forth with the doctor, your loved one is ensured the best care.

Expert Advice From A Specialized Background

If you have any questions or concerns about your loved one, you can go to the registered nurse. They are someone who has a bachelor’s degree from a nursing school and they know the medical field well. After a clinical practice and several exams, they are certified to work as home care nurses. They can also get licensing from the state board. You can rest assured that a registered nurse knows just what to do and just how to answer your questions when you have concerns about your loved one’s medical well-being.

Find A Registered Nurse

Perhaps you have the caregiving part covered with family members and you just need a registered nurse. Or maybe you need help with caregiving as well as medical care. Either way, the professionals at Agility Health can help you get what you need to ensure your loved one is as comfortable and happy as possible. Whether you know just what you need, or you want to go over options to figure it out, we’re here to help.