In Home Care And Technology

Keep Track Of In-Home Care

There are plenty of technological changes that are happening way too fast today. But technology has a way of helping us with a variety of things as well. If you are in charge of a senior loved one’s in-home care, for example, you can use technology to your advantage. Here are a few things you can do with your mobile device to help you keep things on track.

Keep Track Of Tasks

In-home care can be complicated. If you’re the sole caregiver, it may be simple enough for you to remember what you have and haven’t done. But if you are working alongside a professional, trading off on certain chores and tasks, it’s easier when you have something to coordinate your efforts. It’s essential to have a schedule and a calendar that tells you when you are on and when they are and what needs to be done. Coordinating with technology can make things much more simple.

Self-Care Reminders

One of the best things you can do for your loved one if you are taking care of them is to also take care of yourself. If you aren’t at your best, you can’t give your best. When there is someone who needs so much from you, it’s hard to remember to take care of your own needs. Use apps and reminders to take walks, keep track of your own nutrition, and do other things for yourself so you can keep up with your own health needs.

Health Tracking

When there are so many tasks to get done, it can be hard to remember what your loved one was like yesterday, much less next week. Technology is available for you to track their health so you notice any changes, can note how medications affect them and can keep track of other important details without having to rely on your (or their) memory.

Daily Activities And Medications

Are there medications your loved one needs to take at certain times? Are they set in their ways and want their meals at certain times as well? Using reminders and alerts on your device can help you keep track of time so everything is set up the way your loved one needs or prefers. It’s easy to lose track of time when you get distracted and these reminders, alarms, and alerts can help you get back on-task at the right time.

Getting In-Home Care Help

In-home care is a gargantuan task that can be too much for any one person to handle, even with technology on their side. If you need help with regular tasks, or just with respite care so you can have a break, Agility Health is here for you. We’re here to pick up the slack when you want to take some time away for a day or two, or when you just want to go shopping alone or get some fresh air. Technology can make in-home care easier, but help from professional caregivers makes it even more doable.