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As the expert home care provider for the Bay Area, our mission at Agility Health is to apply a holistic approach to care that restores and maintains the well-being of our clients, while remaining sensitive to the values, needs and preferences of our clients and their families. In addition to providing custodial non-medical care, Agility Health is also licensed by the California Department of Public Health to provide skilled nursing care and rehabilitation services on a private pay basis. Our extensive list of services is individually tailored to the needs of our clients in an effort to provide total care and absolute peace of mind when you and your family need it the most. We look forward to meeting you and designing a care plan that is right for your family.


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Below is some general information about Burlingame:

Burlingame is a city in San Mateo County, California. It is located on the San Francisco Peninsula and has a significant shoreline on San Francisco Bay. An early suburb of San Francisco, the city is named after diplomat Anson Burlingame. Beginning in the 1960s its proximity to the San Francisco International Airport generated airline support services growth and an increase in population. As of the 2010 U.S. Census, Burlingame had a population of 28,806. Burlingame is known as the City of Trees due to the number of trees within the city. In 1908, the Burlingame board of trustees passed an ordinance prohibiting cutting, injuring, or destroying trees. Most residential properties have trees owned and protected by the city on their public right of way. In addition the city has many parks and Eucalyptus groves that add to the overall tree numbers. The Eucalyptus groves occur to the west of the city on Interstate 280 and grow along many city streets, such as the heritage Jules Francard Grove along the Caltrain tracks north of Burlingame Ave, following El Camino Real, and along other smaller local streets. Washington Park, with Burlingame Avenue at its southern edge, Burlingame High School at its northern edge, and the Caltrain line at its western edge is the oldest park in Burlingame. It was originally part of the estate of millionaire cigar retailer Moses A. Gunst, and some of the existing large trees within the park were part of this estate.

Burlingame is on the Mexican land grant Rancho San Mateo given by Governor Pio Pico to his secretary, Cayetano Arena in 1845. Cayetano soon sold the land to San Francisco based merchant William Davis Merry Howard. Howard retired to live on the rancho for the remaining eight years of his life. Howard planted many eucalyptus trees on his property. Howard’s early death in 1856 led to the sale of most of the land to William C. Ralston, a prominent banker. In 1866, Anson Burlingame, the US Minister to China visited Ralston, and by the time he left he was the owner of 1,043 acres of land. His surname was put onto the parcel map for reference. That visit to the San Francisco Peninsula was BurlingameĂ•s last. On a visit to Russia in 1870, Burlingame died. With his death the land reverted to Ralston. Ralston had plans for the area which he called Ralstonville, but he died in 1875 without many of his plans being realized. The land then passed to Ralston’s business partner Senator William Sharon. Sharon died in 1885, and Sharon’s son-in-law, Francis G. Newlands, became executor of SharonĂ•s estate. Newlands had grand plans of his own. His vision was to build estates that surrounded a country club, similar to the development he helped create in Chevy Chase, Maryland. The Burlingame Country Club was organized in 1893. After the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, many people looking to escape the hardships of a city in ruins flocked south. Hundreds of lots in Burlingame were sold in 1906 and 1907. Just two years after the quake, the town of Burlingame was incorporated June 6, 1908. By 1910, the neighboring town of Easton, on the former Rancho Buri Buri, was annexed and became part of Burlingame as well.

There are four highways passing through Burlingame. Highway 101 runs near the bay, coming from San Jose and going to San Francisco. Highway 82, also known as El Camino Real, follows a parallel course. Highway 35 connects with Interstate 280. Caltrain has been serving Burlingame since 1985 when it bought out Southern Pacific. It used the same depot that was used in the early 1900s. It was labeled Burlingame, for the country club. In the early 2000s, Caltrain reduced the service at the station on Broadway from a daily basis to weekend only service. Bay Area Rapid Transit has its final stop in Millbrae, just north of Burlingame. BART’s tail tracks are within Burlingame city limits. According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 6.1 square miles. 4.4 square miles of it is land and 1.7 square miles of it is water.

In the state legislature, Burlingame is in the 8th Senate District, represented by Democrat Leland Yee, and in the 19th Assembly District, represented by Democrat Jerry Hill. Federally, Burlingame is in California’s 14th congressional district, represented by Democrat Jackie Speier. In the 1920s Burlingame became a location for automobile retailers. In 1958 Burlingame annexed the area including Burlingame Plaza and Mills Peninsula Hospital. Due to the proximity to San Francisco International Airport and a population increase beginning in the 1960s, various airline support service businesses opened in Burlingame. As of 2002, most of the businesses in the Rollins Road industrial area serve the airline industry due to the proximity to San Francisco International Airport; the Rollins Road area also has car service businesses. Mills Peninsula Health Services, the largest employer in Burlingame, employs around 2,500 people. LSG/Sky Chefs, Inc., the eighth-largest employer in terms of Burlingame operations, has around 281 people employed there. Guittard Chocolate Company is headquartered in Burlingame; as the city’s 10th largest employer it has around 210 employees. Virgin America’s headquarters are located in Suite 450 at Bay Park Plaza II in Burlingame; as the 13th largest employer, Virgin America has around 200 employees at its headquarters. The online discount brokerage Zecco.com operates one of two California offices in Burlingame. The United States division of Natsume, a video game company, is headquartered in Burlingame. China Airlines operates the San Francisco Branch Office in Burlingame. The Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative, the company made famous by the baseball steroid scandal, was headquartered in Burlingame. In previous eras All Nippon Airways located its San Francisco Office in Burlingame.

San Mateo Union High School District operates local high schools. Burlingame High School is the city’s sole public high school. Burlingame Intermediate School is Burlingame’s sole public middle school. There are five public elementary schools serving Burlingame. They are Franklin Elementary, Lincoln Elementary, McKinley Elementary, Roosevelt Elementary, and Washington Elementary. According to the 2009 Base Academic Performance Index Scores from the California Department of Education, the Burlingame School District ranks among the best in the state, with 4 out of their 5 public elementary schools scoring well between 880-925, and with ratings of 9 or 10. Burlingame school district enrollment has continually been increasing as young families move to the city. The city has passed two bond measures to add new facilities to fit all the new enrollment with new buildings added to Lincoln, McKinley and BIS. There are still students in portable classrooms so, the school district also has purchased and is renovating the Hoover School, which was built in 1931 and needed modernization. However, some of the neighbors are attempting to stop the school opening with a lawsuit.

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