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Reasons Why A Registered Nurse Is Right For You

Seeing-what-health-services-are-right-for-themWhy A Registered Nurse Might Be The Right Choice

There may come a time in your loved one’s life that they need more of your help than you can give. Understand that it’s okay to ask for help. When you reach out and ask, it is best to ensure you’re getting the help you need. You may have heard of caregivers who can do a lot for your loved one. But there are certain situations that work better with a registered nurse helping. Here are a few instances where you might be better off with a registered nurse over a caregiver.

Your Loved One Needs Medical Care

There are lots of things a caregiver can do. They can perform plenty of non-medical tasks like cleaning, cooking, and transportation. But if your loved one needs medical care to ensure their health, a registered nurse is better. The registered nurse can measure their vital statistics and ensure they are in the right range. They can also administer and monitor medications. Registered nurses can also take care of wounds or surgical sites if your loved one has injuries or is recovering.

Your Loved One Has Doctor’s Orders

As people age, they visit the doctor more often and their instructions from the medical field usually get more complicated. Whether your loved one has just had surgery, is nearing the end of life, or has an illness that needs tending to, a registered nurse can help. Registered nurses are able to follow those directions to ensure that your loved one gets exactly what they need.

Your Loved One Needs Around-The-Clock Care

If your loved one recently had surgery or an illness that put them in the hospital, it can be hard to go back home. Of course, they’re more comfortable in their own home, but going from constant care in the hospital to being at home can be hard. Having a registered nurse care for your loved one will give you both peace of mind that all of their need met while they continue their recovery.

It’s Hard To Keep Track Of Medications

There are a number of medications that can be vital to your loved one’s quality of life. And they can be confusing. If you don’t want to take any chances, it’s a good idea to have a registered nurse oversee those medications. They have the education and knowledge to understand each medication and when and how it should be administered

Thinking About A Registered Nurse?

There are plenty of home health care options and if you need help with a loved one in your life, don’t hesitate to contact Agility Health for a free consultation. We can go over your specific situation and recommend whether a registered nurse is right for you or if your loved one would be better suited with a caregiver. Let’s talk about the details and make sure you get the options that best suit your loved one’s needs.

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