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Does Your Loved One Need Light In-Home Care?

senior-getting-dressedIn-Home Care Covers All The Bases

As your loved one ages, you may start to notice that certain things are harder for them to do compared to the past. That doesn’t necessarily mean they need constant care or that they need to move out of their homes. But they may need a little extra help to ensure that they are able to keep their home in fine condition as they always have. Personal care attendants offer in-home care of many different varieties and can be available for hourly shifts and on an as-needed basis. Here are a few things you can get if your loved one needs light in-home care help.

Meal Preparation

It can be hard to have the energy to prepare a meal as you age and if your loved one is simply grabbing processed snacks to get by, it’s not good for their health. You can have an in-home care aide to prepare meals for your loved one and ensure that they are getting the proper nutrition for every meal. While they are there, they act as a companion for your loved one and can even stay while they eat so they aren’t alone so much during the day.

Light Housekeeping

Scrubbing the bathroom tub has never been easy. But for elderly individuals who can’t even kneel down, it’s impossible. Rather than letting the tub (and other areas) go and form a ring, get an in-home caregiver to help with light housekeeping. They may simply come once a month or once a week to dust, vacuum, and do a few other tasks that your loved one can’t do because they aren’t able to take on such tasks.

Running Errands

Elderly people don’t always see and hear the best and they don’t have great reaction times, either. If your loved one is no longer allowed to drive, it can be hard for you to get them everywhere they need to go when you have work and a family of your own. In-home care can take care of their errands for you so you don’t have to worry about getting their needs met. Instead, you can spend quality time with them when you are able to see them after work.

Personal Care Needs

It can also become hard for older individuals to take care of bathing, dressing, combing their hair, and other everyday tasks that must be done. If you see their appearance and grooming slipping, it is embarrassing for them to ask for help. Having an in-home care aide help them, instead of a family member, can ease the pride they might feel about personal care.

Get The In-Home Care Your Loved One Needs

The best thing about in-home care is that you can get as much as or as little of it as you need. If you are able to cover most of the needs, great. Your loved one may only need a tiny bit of in-home care help. If you’d rather a professional take care of it all so you can just enjoy your time with them, that works too. With Agility Health, you can customize every detail. Get a free consultation and start looking into all the options!

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