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In-Home Care From Registered Nurses

elderly-woman-smiling-with-nurseTake Advantage Of The In-Home Care Registered Nurses Provide

When your loved one has a complicated illness or is just getting out of the hospital after surgery, you may not know how to deal with the ins and outs of their situation. Don’t feel guilty! You aren’t a trained professional and you might not have experience with such things. But you love your family member enough to find someone who does. And that’s where a registered nurse can come in to help. Here are a few things a registered nurse can help your loved one within the comfort of their own home.

Post-Surgical Care

When your loved one has surgery, they are going to have a rude awakening when they get out of the hospital and back into their home. In the hospital, they had their meals provided and all of their needs tended. At home, they have to do those things themselves. You can’t always be with them, but a registered nurse can make sure they get the quality care they need to recover as quickly as possible.

Wound Management

It can be hard for an aging loved one to dress a wound properly so it can heal in the right manner. But a registered nurse is trained to address such matters. They can stop by your loved one’s home, dress and care for wounds, and help prevent infection and improper healing.

Medication Management

Medications get complicated as we age and it’s important that your loved one takes them in an orderly and timely fashion. A registered nurse can organize and handle even the most complicated medications. Whether your loved one is battling a disease or recovering from surgery, the medications will be lined up well and doled out properly.

Intravenous Medications

While you may be able to handle pill bottles and schedules yourself, not just anyone can take on administering intravenous medications. You might think someone who needed medication in that manner would be in the hospital but that isn’t always the case. A registered nurse can make sure your loved one gets what they need in their own home while caring for the IV site.

End-Of-Life Care With A Registered Nurse

It can be heart-wrenching to watch a loved one go through the process at the end of their life. If they really want to stay at home, you don’t want to worry that they are in any pain or suffering. A registered nurse can be on hand to ensure that you don’t have to handle your loved one’s health during this difficult time. You can have the quality time you need with them while the nurse can take care of health-related issues.

Finding Proper In-Home Care

Your loved one is important and if it takes a registered nurse to properly care for them in their own home, you would want that for them. Contact Agility Health for a free consultation and to discuss whether a registered nurse is the right answer for your situation.

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