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What Can A Registered Nurse Do After A Hospital Stay?

elderly-woman-getting-assistanceTransitioning Home After A Hospital Visit With A Registered Nurse

If you have ever stayed in a hospital yourself, you know it feels nothing like home. The nurses are in and out constantly, checking your vitals and making sure you have everything you need. Other patients wander the halls and the doctors pop in and out as well, sometimes with other doctors to go over your needs. It can be downright exhausting to stay in a hospital, even when all you really need is rest to heal from your ailment. When you have an elderly loved one in the hospital, it’s tiring on all of you. And you can certainly understand why all they want to do is get back home. But what happens when they get home? How do you cover their care? That’s where a registered nurse can help.

Wound Management And Dressing Changes

If your loved one had surgery or has wounds from a fall, they need those areas cared for with the utmost attention in order to avoid infection. A registered nurse knows what to watch for and will be able to tell early on if infections are forming. This can help prevent the wound from getting too serious. They will also be able to change any dressings properly so things are fresh and clean at all times. Their expertise can help your loved one get the care they need while in the comfort of their home.

Medications Management And Aid

When someone is released from the hospital, depending on why they were there in the first place, there can be a number of medications needs. They might have a painkiller from a surgery they just had or an antibiotic to prevent infection, or maybe even both. They might need some help taking their medication in a timely manner. A registered nurse can help with that! Their expertise will ensure alert them to dosages that appear off or aren’t having the proper effect, which can help your loved one make adjustments in the proper manner.

Therapy Needs Are In Place

Although you might not know what to do with a loved one who just had knee replacement surgery or some kind of ailment, a registered nurse will know just what to do to get them back up to their normal level of living again. They have the knowledge to help your loved one improve on a daily basis at their own pace. With their help, your loved one will show signs of improvement in a manner that they are comfortable with.

Getting Help From A Registered Nurse

Do you need a registered nurse? Are you unsure if they could help you? It never hurts to check out the options. Contact Agility Health and tell us about your loved one and their recent hospital visit. We’re here to help in any way we can and if that means sending a registered nurse to help with your loved one, we can certainly do that. We’ll give you our professional advice after hearing about your situation. Sometimes, a registered nurse is best and other times, a simple caregiver can do that trick. Either way, we’re here for you.

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