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What Services Are Provided Through Home Health Care?

Nurse-laughing-with-elderly-womanWhat Home Health Care Services Are There?

When someone you know and love is aging, it can be difficult to watch them decline. You want to do everything you can to step in and help them. At first, it might just be a few light chores. But as time progresses, you start to take on more responsibilities. You want nothing but the best for your loved one, but sometimes that means giving up control and asking for help. There’s nothing wrong with getting home health care services. There are plenty of services from which to choose. Here are a few to consider for your situation:

Care Management

Even though you know your loved one better than anyone else, you might not know their medical situation. If you are not a trained home health care professional, you should consider asking for help with their care. This management process evaluates, plans, monitors, and coordinates your loved one’s health and the continuous options. The care needs may change over time and with care management, they will always get what they need.


Home health care gives your loved one an in-home caregiver that can tend to their needs, both physically and socially. It can be hard to be home alone for so many hours of the day and that can lead to depression and other issues. When you have home health care, your loved one is getting the attention they need and don’t have to be lonely.

Skilled Nursing

If your loved one has direct orders from their physician, it can be hard for you to meet their needs or, at times, understand exactly what needs to be done. Having a home health care plan with a skilled nursing associate can get your loved one the exact care they need from the doctor’s orders.

Rehab Care

You want your loved one to be as strong as possible so they can have a high quality of life. When they need physical, speech, or occupational therapy, you can get those services done in the comfort of their own home with a home health care associate. There’s no need to worry about rides to and from the office for rehabilitation sessions.


You can also choose to have your loved one’s health monitored virtually through a TeleHealth program. This electronically transmits their vital signs, such as blood pressure and blood glucose, to a nurse for oversight and even intervention. There are no worries about someone checking in at a certain time.

Mix And Match Your Home Health Care Services

When you work with Agility Health, you can mix and match the services your loved one needs. Let’s get together, talk through the specific situation, and we can advise you as to what we think would be best for your loved one. You make the ultimate decision, of course, and you get to change that plan anytime. Together, we will ensure that your loved one gets the care they need.


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