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The Financial Impact Of Home Health Care

medical-costs-being-calculatedPlanning Home Health Care Finances

When you have elderly family members in your life, you have to think about what kind of care they might need in the future. If you are lucky, they will be healthy enough to care for themselves until the end of their days. However, as we age, most people decline in a number of ways. Sometimes there are little things that they can no longer do for themselves and other times medical ailments take over and the elderly need extra care and attention. As a close family member, you want to do the best you can to care for those you love. Sometimes you can do that on your own, but other times, you need home health care help. When those instances occur, how do you pay for it? There are several options to help you out in that area.

Medicare Applies In Limited Circumstances

Medicare is not something you can fall back on for long-term care. It covers a narrow range of costs and you need to understand those limitations so you can prepare for your senior’s needs in the future. Medicare will help you out on things like short-term hospital stays and physician-prescribed home health care needs. You can get 100 days of coverage in limited instances. It can also help you with hospice care in some circumstances.

Medicaid And Other State Programs

Medicaid is the largest public aid for long-term home health care. If you qualify, it can cover some in-home care services. Eligibility varies from start to state so you will want to look into what your loved one has and how it can be applied to their situation.

Long-Term Care Insurance Options

If you see home health care needs in your senior’s future, you might want to look into long-term care insurance for them. This can help them pay costs of long-term care needs when they need extra help later on. Some policies cover specific types of long-term care so you will want to know what you are getting when you purchase something for your loved one. Policies also vary on eligibility and benefits so you will want to check out the details before signing up.

Paying Out Of Pocket

If you don’t have these options or they don’t cover all of your loved one’s home health care needs, you might have to pay for some of the services out of your own pocket. The cost greatly depends on the amount of care your senior needs. Keep in mind that home health care is often less expensive than nursing homes and your senior gets to stay at home where they will likely be happier. Research the costs in your area to figure out how you are going to pay for the services your loved one deserves to have.

Get Home Health Care Help

When you are ready to look into the home health care services, Agility Health is here to help you with all of the details. We want you to find what your loved one needs within the budget you can afford. Let’s sit down and work out a customized plan for your aging loved one.

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