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How Senior Home Care Can Help Your Loved One

mother-taking-a-walk-with-daughterSenior Home Care Help For Those Who Resist

Not every parent or aging loved one is going to want to admit that they need help around the house. If you’re lucky, your loved one will see their decline and will ask for the help they need. If you’re half lucky, they will line up with your suggestions when you sit them down to talk about what they might need in terms of senior home care. However, not everyone is going to be in that situation. If you have an aging parent or loved one in your life that is resisting the idea of senior home care, what can you do to help them? Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Start Senior Home Care Slow

You won’t want to have a caregiver move in and do everything immediately. Rather, start them off slow to ease your loved one into the idea. Do as much as you can yourself and have a caregiver do some light cleaning or cook a few meals. Once your parent gets used to having them around, perhaps they will be more open to help in the future.

Allow Others To Voice Their Opinions

Hopefully you aren’t the only one in your loved one’s life that cares about their well being. It’s good for them to hear several voices raising concerns as opposed to just yours. If you have a sibling, a cousin, or someone else in the family that’s thinking about senior home care, have them talk to your parent as well. The more people there are who share the same sentiment, the more likely your parent will come around to the idea.

List The Obstacles

It’s hard to see a loved one go through the aging process, but you may have to get them to face the facts by listing out the things they could be struggling with. Questions like, “How will you get to your appointments if I’m at work and unable to take you? How will you get the laundry done if you can’t carry the basket?” should get them thinking.  Try not to go overboard. But by presenting your point, they may realize they really do need senior home care.

Involve Them In Decisions

No adult likes it when someone arbitrarily make decisions for them. It’s important to include your loved one in the senior home care process as much as you can. Look over different services and let them pick and choose between them. Perhaps you can help with some items and you can allow them to choose what you can do and what a caregiver should take over. Perhaps they’d be more comfortable with a caregiver giving them baths, but they want you to cook their meals because you know how they like things. Allowing them options will help them settle into the idea as a whole.

Senior Home Care Choices

When you are ready to look into the options available for senior home care, call Agility Health with your questions. We care about your loved one and we want nothing but the best care for them.

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