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Checking for COPD in the Elderly During COPD Awareness Month

COPD Awareness in the Month of November COPD stands for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. This common disorder is often undiagnosed, meaning that millions of people have it and do not know. COPD is especially prominent in the elderly, and they are more prone to morbidity and...

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Celebrating Family Caregivers Nationally This November

National Family Caregivers Month November is National Family Caregivers Month! This means that it's time to honor those who provide care across the country, performing a vital role in society and in the lives of those they love. Caregivers are any people that supply physical or...

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Live Life to the Fullest With Geriatric Care

Improve Quality of Life With Geriatric Care Aging is a natural part of life. There are many changes that result from aging that can impact a person’s overall wellbeing. Over time, some people may have difficulty with their balance and stability, some may struggle with cognitive...

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Thinking About the Elderly During Mental Illness Awareness Week

Mental Illness in the Elderly Mental health is often under-identified by healthcare professionals, dismissed as something less serious. This stigma makes those who are afflicted less likely to seek help. This Mental Illness Awareness Week, Agility Health is looking to fight this...

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Reasons To Move Forward With In-Home Physical Therapy

In-Home Physical Therapy Could Be a Good Fit It’s hard for some people to admit when they need a little extra help, but there are different forms of help on the market today. If your doctor has told you that physical therapy would be beneficial for your health, there are still...

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The Three Types of Rehabilitation Care

In-Home Rehabilitation Care When accidents happen, you never know what the results might be. If someone you know and love is recovering from an accident, surgery, a stroke, or any other health-related issues, they might need some form of rehabilitation care. This care can happen...

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