When Is 24-Hour Home Care Necessary?

Transitioning To 24 Hour Home Care

Watching your senior loved one start to fail in taking care of some of their basic needs can be very hard. They may consent to getting some extra help. You may start stopping by to clean, make their meals, and do other things. Or you might hire a caregiver to so some of the personal things like bathing. But as your loved one ages, it might become apparent that they need even more help than light caregiving. 24-hour home care might even become necessary. How can you tell when that is the transition you want to make? Here are a few signs:

Your Loved One Has Memory Loss

If your loved one is dealing with dementia or Alzheimer’s and they get easily confused, it can be downright unsafe to leave them alone. They might feel scared or confused and you don’t know what’s going to happen when they are in that state. Worse yet, they could get out of their house and wander off, not knowing how to get home. When your loved one is suffering from memory-related ailments and they’re in the later stages, 24-hour home care is in your (and their) best interest.

Your Loved One Can’t Move Around Alone

If your elderly loved one isn’t able to get out of bed alone or transition to and from the bathroom, they need more help than stopping by from time to time can handle. You may not know their full needs and you certainly don’t want them to be found lacking. What if they fall trying to do something on their own and are left to lie on the floor until someone happens by? That’s not okay for your family member. 24-hour care can give them the help they need and you the peace of mind you need.

Your Loved One Is Acting Dangerously

Whatever the diagnosis might be, if there is one, if your loved one is starting to do dangerous things, like turn on the oven, put something in to bake, and then forget that it’s there, you need someone there to oversee their movements. They can still act independently in some areas, but if you never know what they’re going to do, 24-hour home care is a good idea.

Your Loved One Need Medical Attention

Whether your loved one is returning home from the hospital after a surgery or illness or dealing with an ailment that needs regular medical attention, they can benefit from 24-hour home care. There’s someone with them at all times to tend to their needs and ensure they are getting the care they absolutely have to have to recover.

Finding 24-Hour Home Care

If you think your loved one might be heading toward needing 24-hour home care, it’s never too early to start the discussion and look into options. Contact Agility Health and tell us about your loved one’s circumstances. We can make professionals assessments and give you advice as to what might be best in your situation.

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