Post Surgical Skilled Nursing Care

Setting A Loved One Up With Skilled Nursing Care

When you have an aging loved one in your life, you know they need extra attention and care. Whether they have been able to stay in their home on their own or they’ve needed more help, things change when they have to have surgery. If your loved one needs a knee replacement, hernia surgery, or any other surgery, they’re going to recover slower than younger individuals. They’ll have a stint in the hospital, of course, but even once they return home, they might be weaker and need more help than usual. While you could hire a caregiver, or perhaps you already have one, skilled nursing care gives you even more peace of mind. Here’s why:

Doctor’s Oversight

When you have skilled nursing care for your loved one, the nurse speaks directly to your aging loved one’s doctor. They get the instructions they need from the doctor and then carry them out with your loved one. They know how to manage a variety of things but get direct instructions on whatever your loved one needs and then puts them into action at home. It’s like having the extra care one needs in the hospital, but in the comfort of their home.

Less Stress On Family

You know your loved one is going to need extra help and care when they return from the hospital after surgery, but that doesn’t mean you know how to perform that care or even have the time for it. Having skilled nursing care in the home allows you peace of mind that your loved one is getting just what they need without having to adjust your schedule. When you visit, you can just enjoy your time with them without worrying about what you need to do and whether or not what you’re doing is right.

Wound Management

Skilled nursing care is able to dress and manage any wounds your loved one has after the surgery. There might be an incision sight with stitches that needs to be cleaned, dressed, or checked on to ward off any infections. These nurses know what to watch for and what to do to speed the healing process along as quickly as possible.

Medication Aid

Your loved one might already have a host of medications and after surgery, the list only grows. The skilled nursing care team knows how much of each medication they can have or need to have and at what times. You don’t have to worry about them getting confused or you mixing things up. Everything is lined up for them by the skilled nursing care.

Do You Need Skilled Nursing Care?

If your loved one is going to have surgery and you are worried about what will happen when they come home, you might want to look into post-surgical skilled nursing care. Contact Agility Health to talk about the options, what we can cover, and whether or not it suits your loved one’s needs. Even if they’ve never had a caregiver in their home before, skilled nursing care can be a big help during recovery.

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