What To Expect From At-Home Occupational Therapy

Getting Occupational Therapy At Home

You never know when a serious illness or injury is going to happen and those things can disable you from taking care of yourself at home. Occupational therapy is available to help people overcome challenged and gain access to a faster recovery. While you can visit an occupational therapist in their place of business, having the therapist visit you at home can also be beneficial. You don’t have to find someone to transport you to and from the office and you are working among the things that you use on a daily basis. Here are some of the things you can expect from the process of occupational therapy at home.

The First Visit

The first time the occupational therapist comes to your home they will review your health history, your home, and your medications. This in-depth review can take a little longer, but it will help them put a plan together to further your success. They will then put together a 60-day plan or other longer-range plans, depending on your needs. If there are other members in your care team, they will work with them as well. Once the plan is developed, they will visit your home as often as needed to accomplish your goals.

Benefits Of Home Visits

The occupational therapist is there to help you improve the safety within your home. If you visit one in an office, they are not seeing your home as it sits right now and cannot help with anything other than advice. As they assess your home’s risks, they can decrease your chances of falling and help you increase your strength at home by conserving your energy.

Work With Your Objects

If you work in an office, you have to work with the items they have available. When you work at home, you are working with the exact things in your home. If you need help re-learning to go up and down stairs, or doing so safely, you have your exact staircase to work with along with an occupational therapist. Having the exact right items allows you to not only maintain your comfort at home, but also gain further success. The therapist can help you devise exercises that you can safely do on your own to advance your progress even further when they are not there.

Finding Occupational Therapy Help

Having an occupational therapist come to your home eases your burdens during an illness or injury. You don’t have to get a ride anywhere or be away from the comforts of your home. They come to you and you have the advantage of working in the area you will utilize the most during your recovery. If you want to look into help for your goals, contact Agility Health. With caregivers available, you can get help with light cleaning, personal needs, cooking, and other things at the same time if you have those needs. You can also get occupational therapy alone if family members are able to cover everything else you need.

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