Tips For Helpful Cancer Care

Implementing Cancer Care

When a loved one is diagnosed with cancer, you feel rather helpless. What can you do to get them through the process? While they are the only ones who are going to go through certain elements, there are plenty of things you can do to lend a hand. Chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and recovery can take a lot of time and energy. Having someone else around to so some of the other important things can be very helpful. Here are a few things you can do.

Be A Point Person

It’s hard to keep track of cancer treatments, medications, errands, childcare, and other items when you are going through the illness. In order to help the person you know with cancer, become their point person. Keep track of their schedule and coordinate as much as you can for them. They’ll know where they need to be and when and they’ll know their meals are covered and their children are cared for because of your organization. You can also do things like attend doctor’s appointments with them and take notes so you can refer to the details later if they forget or have questions.

Deliver Food

Cancer patients are often tired and they might not have the energy to shop for food, much less prepare it. Find out what they like and deliver nutritious foods to them at the right times. You don’t have to cook things from scratch, but can bring things like whole grain muffins, frozen casseroles, and other items that they can use as needed.

Run Errands

Everyone has errands to run, but patients who are too tired to do those things, or at too high of a risk for infection simply can’t get to everything they need to do. Head to the grocery store, gas station, drug store, or anywhere else they need to go on their behalf.

Do Chores

There are always going to be chores that need to get done. Think about the last time you were sick. Did you feel like dusting? Organize a good time to clean their house, do some yard work, or take care of their laundry. Having these essential tasks done can really help.

Offer Companionship

It’s hard to be at home all day, every day, alone when you aren’t feeling well. Offer to come over to keep your family member company by playing board games, bringing a movie, or taking a short walk. Just socializing and doing something that makes them feel normal again can really help.

Getting Professional Cancer Care

If your family member is having trouble managing their cancer and they don’t have anyone that can completely help them through, hiring a professional caregiver can be just what they need. The caregiver can take care of light housekeeping or deeper medical needs to ensure your loved one is on the best footing for recovery. Caregivers can help cancer patients remain in their homes as much as possible where they are comfortable, while getting the extra care they need. Contact Agility Health for details about the options.

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